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And you’ll get a gift of fashion ties for you and your friends.


If your questions are not answered here please contact us by phone or email.

Q. How many people will I be dealing with and who takes responsibility for each stage?
A.You will only deal with one person who will see your project right through to delivery at your specified location.

Q. The length of the delivery times seems quite long compared with other marketing products, why ? .
A. Our ties and scarves are created entirely from concept. We use state of the art production techniques. However, by it’s nature ties are a complex production process. We also require your feed back at various stages to ensure that the design meets your requirements.

Q. At what stage am I committed to an order.
A. When you request a custom design you are only committed to a nominal design cost, which will be deducted when you proceed to actual ties or scarves. Once you approve the design and place an order you are committed to the order, but only when you are entirely satisfied. You will be sent a pre production sample of your actual tie or scarf. If it is not to your satisfaction we will remake it until you are satisfied.

Q. Why does silk take longer than polyester to produce.?
A. Silk is a natural fabric and sometimes, like good wine it must be allowed to work at its own pace to maintain a lasting tie that sits right.

Q. It is imposssible to appreciate the quality on the net. How can I see samples.
A. We would be happy to send samples of our ties. Simply sign up for  a free sample package.

Q. The pricing is too complex can I talk with someone?
A. Our pricing ensures that you only pay for what you need. Please feel free to call us at any time.

Q. I like to do business face to face, do you have a representative ?
A. We are assigning agents on an ongoing basis, let us know where you live and we will see who our nearest agent is.

Q. Why do successful business men always wear Ties ?
A. I recommend you read renowned best seller “Dress for success” by John T. Malloy. Please let me know what you think.

Q. I have several club ties which I find hard to knot!
A. Difficult to comment without seeing the tie. Generally this problem occurs with woven ties because the design makes the fabric too thick. In that situation we would recommend a printed fabric. A more expersive product but with no design limitations.

Q. I have shopped around and found claims of cheaper prices but I like your design  work. Can you match the price?
A. Our listed pricing is for the a standard that we know people are satisfied with. There are many ways of reducing the cost but it may reduce the quality. We will try to better any price you can show us, provided it’s for the same product.

Q. Your prices are too cheep so must the product be ?
A. This is a common question. We will gladly send you samples of our quality.

Q. My design cannot be sent by email how can I get my design to you. ?
A. Just post it.

Q. I have frequent orders for quantities over 5,000 units. Can your production cope if my orders coincide with other large amounts ?
A. We can cope with vast amounts provided the order fits into our normal order processing time.

Q. I need 100 ties the week after next ?
A. Sorry no, it’s the setting up that takes most of the time.

Q. I need 2000 ladies scarves in 6 weeks ?
A. Provided the order is signed off it should be possible.

Q. Are there different sizings in Ties ?
A. One of the beauties of  Ties as a corporate gift is that you don’t need to worry about sizing.

Q. What is the lead time ?
A. That depends on the product and design.

Q. What are the quantities required ?
A. Tell us the minimum quantities you require and we will advise you of what’s possible.

Q. What can TieArt do for deadlines beyond the average time scale ?
A. Supply fashion tie with custom  made packaging. Bypass the sample stage (not recommended)

Q. Where are the products manufactured ?
A Since 1908 we have built a network of partners throughout the world..

Q. How do I know what the shipping cost will be ?
A. Tell us where you are and we will estimate it with FedEx.or UPS.

Q.Can one off’s be produced ?
A. We are experimenting with a unique process to produce one only designs. We would love a guinea pig, please tell us what you are looking for.

Q. Can photographs, drawings or paintings be produced on ties ?
A. Generally yes although you may need to make some compromises to make your project viable for you?

Q. I am/my client is a member of a committee and they only meet only once a month. ?
A. Many of our best customers make group decisions. If you wish you can give your intranet password to your colleagues so they can see the design at their leisure.

Q. What if the client does not like the designs offered ?
A. We will create some more if you can provide some direction.

Q. My previous supplier has closed down/moved can you reproduce an existing design ?
A. Yes.

Q. Can you deliver to a different address without revealing your identity.
A. It depends on the requirements of your local custom authorities. In any case we honour our relationship with the person who makes the initial contact. The cost to you will never be revealed.

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