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Money Back Guarantee

No risk 100% Money Back Guarantee for purchases made through this website.

All our products are produced from the best available materials. As with any products there are occasions when products are not quite up to standard. Please contact us immediately with any concerns you have with the quality of our goods so we can rectify the matter to your satisfaction.

‘We give 100% money back guarantee for up to six months if we are unable to rectify the matter.

This guarantee does not apply when a customer has by-passed any part of our process in the creation of custom-made designs. This usually occurs when a customer has an urgent deadline so please order in plenty of time.  The company cannot be responsible for Pantone colours references that are incorrectly given. We are unable to reimburse any outlay on customer’s part for local taxes, delivery, any samples sent, related costs or return of goods, as any such costs are outside our control.

We will reimburse 100% of the value of the ties and scarves as charged for up to

six months after delivery.

Please let us know immediately you have any issue with our products so we can rectify the matter as soon as possible.

Stuart Campbell
Owner and manager.

Any queries in this regard should be sent direct to me at